Unit settings


Unit will be inserted if placement is visible and located in user viewport.

Use Case: if placement located in the end of page - you can improve page loading performance by enabling lazyload option.

Prevent load next

If unit matched all filters and inserted - all next units in placement will be skipped and not inserted.


Set date and time for deferred enable or disable unit.

Check project timezone before use option.


Rotate unit in placement. In rotation circle included units from current placement with enabled rotate option. Other units will display as usual.

You can control frequency of rotate unit views by rotation weight option. Default value is 1.


Create 3 units in one placement with enabled rotate option. Set weight of first and second units to 1, weight of third unit to 2. Total weight is 1+1+2=4.

Unit A Weight 1 1/4=25%
Unit B Weight 1 1/4=25%
Unit C Weight 2 2/4=50%

Iteration, show ads or widgets in loop

If you display placement in a loop - you can control units by iteration index option.

Use Case: Display units in article text every 3 paragraphs. You can insert one placement every 3 paragraphs and control unit displaying by iteration index.
placement A - Unit A - index 0
placement A - Unit B - index 1
placement A - Unit C - index 2