Insert placement

Create new project for your site (if it not exists yet). Press view project.

In left placements sidebar press button "Add new". In placement form fill name for new placement. Press "Save".

Press "Get code" on created placement.

Code example:
            <!-- placement name : -->
<div class="ai-placement" data-id="{placement id}"></div>

Copy code and insert it to your site html.

Insert after document loaded (JS, Ajax, etc)

If you insert placement by javascript manually, you can force render placement by call API method render.

            <button id="btn-insert">Insert ajax banner</button>

<div id="container"></div>

    var placementCode = '<div class="ai-placement" data-id="{placement id}"></div>';

    document.getElementById('btn-insert').addEventListener('click', function(){
        document.getElementById('container').innerHTML = placementCode;

        // Force render new placements
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